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George van tassel (1910–1978)

George Van Tassel established a reputation as an accomplished flight test engineer for both Lockheed International and Douglas Aircraft in the 1930s, and spent World War II (1939–45) flying for business magnate/aviator Howard Hughes (1905–1976.) In 1947, Van Tassel moved with his wife and three daughters to the land around Giant Rock, California, and reopened the airfield near what had been declared by many as the largest boulder in the world.

After the family had lived near Giant Rock for a time, Van Tassel became intrigued by stories of UFO contactees, and he theorized that the huge boulder's piezo-electric composition could intensify meditation and the power of the human mind to establish communication with alien intelligences. When he began holding weekly meditations under the rock, others who felt drawn to the rock and the desert soon joined him. In 1951, Van Tassel went into trance and said later that he had been taken out of his body to meet with a group of discarnate beings who inhabited a spaceship orbiting Earth.

In August of 1952, Van Tassel stated that aliens from Venus had landed near Giant Rock and invited him to enter their spacecraft. When word spread of his dramatic encounter, the first Space Convention was held at Giant Rock in the spring of 1953. In the years to come, thousands would attend these conventions, drawn to the rock, the desert, Van Tassel, and the promise of experiencing personal alien contact. In 1959, over 11,000 followers of the charismatic contactee came from all over the world to hear him channel messages from the space brothers and to take advantage of the opportunity to share stories of their own alien encounters with the media.

Van Tassel introduced the world to Ashtar, commandant of station Schare. "Schare" was one of several space stations in "Blaau," the fourth sector of "Bela," in which our solar system is moving. "Shan" was the name that Ashtar gave for Earth, and he said that the universe was ruled by the Council of Seven Lights, which had divided the cosmos into seven sectors and systems. Ashtar proclaimed that the space intelligence's main purpose was to save humankind from itself. Once that great obstacle had been met, then the minor problem of how to deal with nuclear fission would right itself through the harmony that would then be extant on Earth.

Ashtar and his fellow space intelligences also gave Van Tassel instructions for the construction of the "Integratron," a four-story-high, 16-sided dome of wood and concrete, which was supposed to rejuvenate human cells by utilizing the natural energy found in the dry desert atmosphere of Giant Rock. Thousands of believers came to pass through the Integratron and to receive antiaging electrostatic charges.

Van Tassel founded the Ministry of Universal Wisdom in 1953, basing its precepts on revelations from the space brothers. The ministry taught the universal law that operates on humankind in seven states: gender (male and female); the Creator as Cause; polarity of negative and positive; vibration; rhythm; relativity; and mentality.

Van Tassel maintained his headquarters at Giant Rock, California, for many years, making it a gathering place for both the curious and the true believers. He was the author of I Rode a Flying Saucer (1952) and The Council of Seven Lights (1958).

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