The word "amulet" comes from the Latin (amuletum), an indication of the power Romans invested in amulets as protection against evil spells. Prehistoric amulets representing fertility and animals have been found near some of the oldest known human remains.

Ancient Amulets of the Middle East

Marcel Vogel, Man of Crystal Vision

Marcel Joseph Vogel, born in San Francisco in 1917, was revived after being pronounced dead at the age of six from pneumonia. At this time, Vogel encountered a near-death experience (NDE).

Tribal Empowerment

In Black Elk Speaks (1932), John G. Neihardt told of accompanying Black Elk, the aged holy man of the Oglala Sioux, to Harney Peak, the same place where the spirits had taken Black Elk in a vision when he was young.

Things of Sacred Power

Things of sacred power associated with Judeo-Christian history as recorded in the Bible and in various apocryphal texts have enraptured believers for centuries. Whether pilgrims seek the physical remains of Noah's Ark or the cup from which Jesus (c.

The Prayer Wheels in Asia

The use of the prayer wheel as a mystical practice dates back to at least 400 C.E. in China.