• Amen: A creation-deity
  • Anubis: God of the dead
  • Bast: Cat goddess
  • Bes: God to guard against evil spirits and misfortune
  • Chons: God of the moon
  • Dua: Protector of the stomach of the dead
  • Geb: God of the Earth
  • Hathor: Cow goddess
  • Isis: Mother goddess
  • Ka: God for the vital force of life
  • Maat: Goddess of truth and justice
  • Min: Egyptian fertility god
  • Mut: Wife of Amen, mother of Khons
  • Nephthys: Goddess of the dead
  • Nut: Goddess of the sky and of the heavens
  • Osiris: God of the underworld and of vegetation
  • Qetesh: Goddess of love and beauty
  • Ra: God of the sun
  • Selket: Goddess of childbirth
  • Set: God of chaos
  • Shu: God of the air
  • Sobek: Crocodile god
  • Taweret: Hippopotamus goddess and protective deity of childbirth
  • Wepwawet: God of war and of funerals

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