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In 1954 while he was in a deep meditative trance, George King (1919–1997) claimed that he received a message from an outer space being who told him to prepare himself to become the human voice of the Interplanetary Parliament. While such a command might have startled one unqualified to receive such communication, the 35-year-old Englishman had been immersed in spiritual studies since he was young. Beginning with an intense study of orthodox Christianity, King became interested in exploring psychic phenomena and spiritual healing. When he was to be the primary mental channel for the cosmic masters, King intensified his practice of yoga, which included the yogic sciences of raja, gnani, and kundalini. This permitted him to attain the state of samadhi—the union of spirit with the super-conscious, which allowed communication with the masters in other energy spheres. Soon, King was to discover that the voice that had contacted him belonged to the master Aetherius, a 3,500-year-old Venusian whose name, loosely translated, meant "one who comes from outer space."

By 1955, King had received a number of teachings from the cosmic masters that he felt compelled to share with others. With a number of men and women who had been drawn to his channeling of the messages from outer space, King formed the Aetherius Society in London, England, in 1956, relinquishing all of his other spiritual research and his materialistic enterprises to focus his life completely on the transmissions from the cosmic masters.

According to what King had learned from his contact, Aetherius and the other cosmic mentors came from a world or a dimension that was far more technologically advanced than Earth. While they arrive in crafts referred to as UFOs, their advanced technology allows them to remain invisible to Earth's radar and other scientific detection devices until they permit themselves to be seen just often enough to provoke controversial sightings and signs to the people of the planet. In spite of their superior scientific knowledge, the outer space beings choose to visit Earth because they are benevolent entities who wish to guide humankind in its spiritual evolution. Essentially, the masters are the planet's spirit guides, and they can appear to earthlings from time to time in physical bodies simply by lowering their vibratory rate.

As well as seeking to guide earthlings spiritually, the cosmic masters have also protected Earth on numerous occasions from both external and internal forces, King claimed. They have intervened and prevented ecological disasters from occurring. Their spacecraft have, from time to time, blocked the invasion of the planet from hostile interplanetary imperialists who wish to colonize Earth. The outer space masters have even gone so far as to erect an invisible barrier around the planet to protect it from invasion by the "black magicians," evil aliens who wish to enslave the people of Earth.

As with a number of UFO contactees, King linked the masters from extraterrestrial worlds with the ancient metaphysical legend of the Great White Brotherhood, the light beings who are said to belong to a multidimensional, intergalactic organization that dedicates itself to serving the divine cosmic plan in the universe. Among the ascended masters who have been historical figures on Earth, the contactees include Jesus (c. 6 B.C.E.–c. 30 C.E.), St. Germain, Krishna, and Lord Buddha (c. 563–c. 483 B.C.E.). By benefit of his crucial role in the relaying of transmissions from Aetherius, George King, in the view of the members of the Aetherius Society, had been elected by the brotherhood to become the next great spiritual prophet.

To further assist his fellow brothers and sisters of Earth to welcome the wisdom and knowledge of the outer space beings, King began to publish The Cosmic Voice, a transcript of the communications that he had received from the cosmic masters. He also began giving public demonstrations of his channeling of the extraterrestrial teachers and presenting lectures to audiences of the curious and the true believers in the spiritual teachings from wise mentors from outer space. On May 21, 1959, King went into samadhic trance while being interviewed on the BBC, and thousands of radio listeners in the United Kingdom were able to hear for themselves the warnings and the counsel of the cosmic masters. In recognition of his devotion to his extraterrestrial assignment as the principal terrestrial contact for the masters, King's followers bestowed upon him the titles of Sir George King, O.S.P., Ph.D., Th.D., D.D., Metropolitan Archbishop of the Aetherius Churches, Prince Grand Master of the Mystical Order of St. Peter, and HRH Prince De George King De Santori.

By 1960, King and his Aetherius Society had spread their Cosmic Gospel throughout the British Isles, as well as to the United States, and an American headquarters was established in Hollywood, California. Soon there would be branches in Detroit, Michigan; Australia; and West Africa.

The Aetherius Society warned that matters were serious in the view of the cosmic masters. Two previous terrestrial civilizations, Atlantis and Lemuria, had destroyed themselves in a nuclear war in prehistory, and the Intergalactic Council was concerned that such a catastrophe could take place once again. The members of humankind were regarded as the problem children of the solar system, and various masters and adepts were forced to give Earth special attention. To this end, a grand master plan would see the arrival of a cosmic master in a spacecraft in a time in the near future. When this event occurs, the people of Earth will be given the choice of following the laws of the Most High God and entering a new era of peace and enlightenment, or rejecting the divine laws and pass through the gateway of death to be placed on a planet where they will have the opportunity to relearn the lessons of the universe.

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