Certain scholars who have studied the makeup of the Bilderbergers insist that the group is controlled by the 10-man Inner Circle of the Illuminati. According to their claims, this secret cabal has painstakingly prepared an agenda for the masses of humanity into the millennium. Such individuals as the Bilderbergers will become the world's masters, and the vast majority of the global population may look forward to a future existence as pawns, if not slaves, of the Illuminati.

According to certain sources who claim knowledge of the basic plan for world dominance set in motion by the Bilderbergers, the following goals are among their principal objectives:

The United States must promptly pay its debt to the United Nations. In addition, the United States will be asked to contribute billions of dollars to the International Monetary Fund. U.S. taxpayers will be bled almost dry by such expenditures.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will be converted into a United Nations military force. U.S. troops will therefore come under the command of NATO's foreign officers.

"Corporate Governance" will dissolve national sovereignty and bring all of Earth's corporations under a single global order. Local control over businesses and corporations by nations and states will be terminated. The great giants of finance will be able to disregard the laws and dictates of all governments, including those of the United States.

As the twenty-first century dawns, a new system of fascism will emerge under the guise of free trade practices that will be guided by the Illuminati.

The Bilderbergers have approved the Red Chinese model of economics as the standard for the emerging European superstate and the United States. As in Red China, all dissidents will be dealt with severely and placed in work camps.

As soon as the program can be implemented, citizens in every nation will be issued the Universal Biometrics Identification Card.

A Gestapo-like police state will be established to enforce the dictates of the Illuminati's New World Order.


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