NASA meddler Richard Hoagland insists that not only have the astronauts been to Mars, but they have been covering up the discovery of ruins and artifacts. Especially intrigued by the so-called Mars Face, a Sphinx-like object that appeared on numerous NASA photographs during the Viking I orbit in 1976, Hoagland has demanded the agency to divulge the discovery.

In April 1998, NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft traveled near Mars and sent back photos debunking theories that ancient civilizations constructed the face. The new pictures showed only an pile of rocks, completely devoid of the profile of the previous portraits of the Mars Face.

Within hours of NASA's statement, Hoagland's website declared, "Honey, I Shrunk the Face!" He insists NASA has been hiding the artifacts for decades. Hoagland unearthed a 1960 NASA-commissioned report recommending any future discoveries of alien life be kept from the public so as not to disturb the evolutionary flow of twentieth-century civilization.


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I love Searching up aliens and This is cool. I can't beleive there is life on mars

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