The "Devil's Sea" and the Dragon's Triangle located in the Philippine Sea off China's eastern coast is known for vanishing ships and seamen similar to the legendary Bermuda Triangle. While sensational theories for the mysterious disappearances speak of extraterrestrials and lost kingdoms under the sea wreaking havoc, others believe that the region displays the same magnetic anomalies as the Bermuda Triangle. The area, which can be marked off on a map by connecting Japan, Taiwan, and Yap Island, has become known as the Dragon's Triangle after a centuries-old Chinese myth. According to the myth, dragons live deep beneath the surface and their movement can suddenly churn up waves, whirlpools, thick fog, and sudden storms.

In 1950, Japanese officials declared the triangle a danger zone for shipping. In 1952, a research vessel, the Kaio Maru No. 5, sent by the Japanese government to investigate the troubled waters, vanished without a trace, and 22 crewmen and nine scientists were lost.

Like the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil's Triangle area may be volatile, subject to sudden weather changes and ocean swells not yet understood. Undersea volcanoes are believed to influence the area's sudden environmental changes. Others cite mikakunin hiko-buttai, Japanese for UFOs.


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This article tells what we all know. I wish to open the door to a deeper question. Are we part of a plan? These incidents have happened for centuries. They observe us and are not scared. They leave and return as if we are no threat. I wish to explore some more questions but would love a response first. I think my ideas may have been research. Let me know of your thoughts on the statements and questions.
Hey Ralph.
My boyfriend and I were just discussing this exact thing. Are we an alien experement? Ancient cultures intellegence must have had some help, right? Who do you think mans the UFO/USOs? Is it a lowly worker alien or a great scientist? Do you think UFOs time travel through wormholes in the time/space continuem? Lots of questions.
The Dragon's Triangle on the opposite spot of the earth as the Bermuda Traingle. Considering the unique history of both regions it can't be coincedence. The only other places on earth that are in exact opposite locations are the Poles. Is it not possible that at one time the two triangles were former poles? What if strange and unknown magnetic and gravitic forces are at work in these triangles? Could it be that these were poles at one time but were suddenly shifted? What could do that? I suggest the comet that killed the dinosaurs hit hard enough to shift the poles. If so then it is possible that some kind of unknown effects of gravity and magnetism are going on. In time they will dissipate and eventually the triangles will become mundane areas of the oceans. This happened along time ago but in earth's lifespan it was but the blink of an eye. Planes suddenly going into the sea. Ships being drawn down to the depths. Gravity fluctuations may cause this. It'd be interesting to see if one could mathematically plot the course of the pole shift, factoring in the location of the comet's crater. It would even suggest which direction the comet came from based on which direction the triangle poles shifted.
what about the ufo that goes under water beacuse it is not right to hear about ufo's going under water is it and the people that does not come up missing but loses time and go off couse how does all that happen
Clayton L. Gilley
I do believe in UFO's, and think that anyone that thinks that we are alone are short sighted and dull. But that is another debate. Chew on this. Most scientist think that we evolved from the sea and one day just walked on to land. Well what if every creature that evolved at our level didn't leave the sea. But just stayed in the sea and evolved further than us, remember we had the dark ages up on land where no kind of new technology came about for hundreds of years. Plus they would have way more resources than we have today, remember the earth is over 70% water. Its possible they have found a way to live even in the deepest parts of the ocean. And I'm sure they know to stay away from us, and hide very well. We've just now started to scratch the surface so to speak of the ocean floor. Just a theory. (fell free to e-mail me with comments)
In response to Dennis...the poles haves swapped several times,but from a geological standpoint, man has only been here for a blink of an eye. During that blink of an eye the poles have wobbled, but nothing like what has happened before. Now, with that said, during the span of the Earth, the poles have swapped several times. We don't understand the how or why of it either. This due largely to the fact that we know a very minute ammount about the magnetics of the Earth. It is very plausible that at sometime during Earth's time span, that the poles were at the Dragon's Triangle and the Bermuda Triangle. But it still don't help us understand the how's of why's of it.

Annalise, I have often wondered that myself. "are we an experiement, created and carried out by some superior being?" I mean think about it. look at Egypt and China, they grew enormously almost overnight. How is that possible? They had to have had help. As far as UFO's, I have seen one with my own 2 eyes. There was no way it was a plane or some other craft like it. Planes can't move vertical and horizontal and then just stop on a dime. It has been said that the U.S. military has a craft that can do that but I doubt that is what it was. It is so frustrating, all of the unknown that we feel a connection to but yet there's something holding us back from understanding all of it. It's like we aren't meant to know. We're supposed to keep asking "well what if," and "how come." We will know all one of these days, maybe not in our lifetime, but our species will know all eventually.

And as Mr. Gilley said, feel free to email me with comments or questions or just to share your input. It's rare to speak with intelligent people anymore, it would be a pleasant occurance.
Ok this is just creepy! I've never heard of the Dragon's Triangle until I started reading James Rollins book 'Deep Fathom' and this is the first time I've googled it. In the book, the author posits that if you were to 'stick a pole' through the Dragon's center, to see where it comes out on the other side of the planet, it would come out at the Bermuda Triangle. Suggesting that at one point they could have been the northern and southern poles. It also suggests ancient civilizations, a noah's ark type scenario, due to solar activity reacting to a weird type of crystal in the ocean that triggered the shifting of the poles and world wide cataclysm. It's a really good read, and I've been wondering a lot with James Rollins books, with all the research he does and the theories he comes up with, just how on the mark he really is?

I agree with Travis- we know so little and it is frustrating. Maybe we are a great alien ant farm- we may never know. But I do hope that upon the deaths of our physical bodies, our spiritual consciousness experiences total clarity, answering many of these questions. Whether or not that is a possibility, is beyond my capabilities as a human. For all I know the universe just recycles our energy into something else and we don't keep any semblance of self. Hell I don't know.

Anyway, just for gits and shiggles, read the James Rollins books. They're enormously entertaining, and really get your imagination working overtime. Have fun!
This is so wild. I had never heard of the Dragon's Triangle either until the other night the Discovery Channel or something educational like that did a story on it. I was amazed. My husband and were both amazed. I'll definitely check out the James Rollins books. That sounds like a fun read, indeed.
On a scientific note, I think it is interesting that these things "vanish without a trace" and no one can find the wreckage. Don't we have satellite capabilities that can find this stuff? I am sure they are busy taking pictures of backyards for Google, but I wish they would monitor the Dragon's Triangle and film exactly what happens to these ships and planes. Kind of like a security monitor. That's what I'd do if I ever bought one of those things. I would point it toward the Dragon's Triangle to solve the mystery. I have even seen photographs of the Dead Sea where there is a scan of a structure deep under the water. I wonder if it could be done to find wreckage.
To add to the question about how dead on an author is about things that "can't be known", I read once that people are born with certain knowledge called instinct. They learn more things growing up through education. But the things they just "come up with" for no apparent reason are said to be "enlightenment." Makes you wonder if someone is whispering the answers in our ear and only a few people actually take notes and do well on the test...Any thoughts?
Kaspar Hauser
This is the first time I've heard about the Dragon's Triangle. I would love to see some more pics of the area. Either from satellite or areial pics. With statistics on were the majority of these mysterious incidents occur. Since I would love to find an under water L.M. city. perhaps I could capture on or two of them, to make them earth bound sailors. By setting a trap, since I know how to avoid being froze by a ufo beam. Or maybe even design a deep ocean water bomb that would penetrate and destroy their city. Or unlease malaria or mosqitos with malaria after entering the force field. Ummm, M.I.B. please do not try to contact or find me.
NOt to get into a relgious argument as I was about 10 years in teh 1970's when I first thought that the planet earth was a huge experiment.

Here is/was my thinking. All the different relgions say they were created in teh image of their god. So explain how we have all the different looking Nationalities? My mom asked to think how this could have happen, and that one question got me thinking. What if there was a planet that the inhabinants all looked like oriental people, another planet was all African American looking people, and so on each planet being a differnt looking type of people. This solar system was dieing or its creator knew it was going have problems. There was also a planet of just animals, but I thought these were planets of just fish, land based vegatarians and meat eaters. So that creator took "samples" from each planet and "planted/moved" them to the third rock from the sun to see if they could all co-habitate with one another. UFO's are "others" from each planet checking up on the experment, this would explain the cigar, clinder and other shaped UFO'scoming to check up on how we are getting along. That was the thinking of a 10 year old.

I know look at all the war and fighting now in 2006, I can't help but wonder if the "experiment" wasn't a way for this creator to "weed out the weaker races". Or we will kill off the planet itself and the "experiment" will be a failure.
Well, we have to be concient and see all around us, that the earth has been our home for many thousands of years. And we only know the few stories that have live throught out the years, so we need to do farder studies. I know for certain that we've tips on several books that we know today ; for example The mayan exodus, The chanblan and other variety of acient books were we can find few answers to our questions...
Besides the Dragon and Bermuda Triangle, there is a triangle in the great lakes that is called the Great Lakes Triangle. It is said that it is more powerful than the Bermuda Triangle. There are several theories about this vortex.

Since UFO's have been here for hundreds maybe thousands of years, there could be some kind of genetic tie. Maybe they are the reason we have come so far in technology the last 100 years. We are advancing faster and faster with technology. Maybe they are the reason we have had some set backs too. If they are able to hide from us with such ease why couldn't they be able to control how are technology goes. They know the government won't tell us if they do something to set us back. The government has control of just about everything in one way or another. Just something to think about.
I have read all comments posted until now.(Jan -2 007) My opinion is that we must firstly verify if the dragon triangle and the Bermuda triangle are really deadly spot on earth. I suggest that mutibillionaire and multimillionaire like Bill Gate might finance such investigation which surely has scientific and humanitarian interest. The investigation will send a ship and an airplane remote-controled into the triangles area Both of them are equipped with instruments sending back informations gathered on the spot There after we will discuss Hope to hear of from Bill Gate and other richest people on earth like the Pope,the royal english family (Prince Charles)
Hey everyone,

I just learned about the Dragon's Triangle last night on the History Channel. I was amazed to hear that the 2 trainagles are opposite from each other. I have done a considerible amount of reading concerning Gravity. The theory about the gravitation effects on the " old " poles is very interesting. It is possible that there is an electromagnetic force that is generated evry so often and that causes things to happen in the triangles. Compare the dates of the missing planes and ships from both triangles and see if the occurances are close to the same dates. It is amazing that these metal planes and ships cannot be detected from satelite scans. Keep in mind that the government may be working with aleins for the patment of technology.
Do not fear the probable...

The Bermuda triangle & dragon/devil's triangle are the earths old magnetic poles altered drastically by more than one impact against the earth, movement of the plates, and/or possibly other solar fluctuations similar to Lunar/Planetary/Solar poles evident in todays shifting tides and planetary alignment affects.

All the answers you seek are within you, distractions you allow in your life prevent you from reaching them. (Religions, politics, news/media, etc.)

The creation of life is a reflection of "the big bang" your known universe is shattered by birth, but you adapt to your environment and evolve. As an embryo you were closer to the roots of all creation & are a living reminder to all.

USO's & UFO's exist some are of mankind's creation and held in secrecy by governments/private agencies/removed societies. Most are visitors after resources at the only decent truck stop in our solar system, ever since the former Mars settlement destroyed themselves, and like a great fable of fear the dead ashes remain & spirits remain, a literal reminder to the angry red planet. Some have even reached out to enlighten different cultures over the ages and although progressive and helpful to us, most likely disappointing and frustrating to them as for the most part we are still not house broken enough to share the whole universe yet.

Have a nice destiny! - 42
The Mariana Trench is located in this area. It is 6-7 miles blow sea level. Earth's crust is very thin here- close to what is known as the Moho discontinuity, the crust/mantle transitional area, where earthquake wave velocities have been measured to sharply increase. Maybe these unexplained events are tied with the makeup of this little understood rock layer and its effects on gravity.
There are a lot mysteries on earth and everywhere in this universe that we will never find the answers to. UFOs aren't really that mysterious when you do more research. The idea that they're exterrestrial is quite old and, I think, dull and very short sighted. It seems that people prefer to take the easy way out instead of doing the research. Respected psychiatrist and Pullitzer-Prize winner, John E. Mack, believed that the silly theory of extraterrestrials was outdated and outmoded. He did extensive research on abductees and concluded that the behavior that UFOs and their "occupents" exhibit is interdimensional, contrary to the persistent "theory" that they are extraterrestrial. It's interestring how most people are quick to criticize anything that has to do with the Bible, yet UFOs clearly confirm what the Bible refers to as strange signs and wonders, and the Nephilim. Having seen and observed a few myself, I know what's really happening and they surely aren't here to help us. I'd hate to be on the wrong side when these UFOs finally begin to appear a lot more frequently and supposedly will try to help us. Some kind of help that will turn out to be when people realize that they've been duped. It'll be too late.
Annalise, your question reminds me...the other day I saw an episode of South Park called "Cancelled" ...read the few lines I copied...it's funny! lol


.....The greatest universal reality show of all time.


A few billion years ago we realized,
"what if we took species from all different planets in the universe, and put them together, on the same planet?" Great TV, right? Asians, bears, ducks, Jews, deer and Hispanics, all trying to live side by side on one planet! It's great!

Our planet is just a reality-TV show?

Well, you don't think the whole universe works the way Earth does, do you? No! One species, one planet! There's a planet of deer, a planet of Asians, and so on! We put them all together on Earth and the whole universe tunes in to watch the fun!

You mean that you aliens actually enjoy sitting around and watching us fight and kill each other? Dude, that's messed up.


Why?? Because you're playing with people's lives! You're turning people's problems into entertainment!

Yeah! We'd never do that on Earth!
Kimberly Kay
I saw the same History Channel show most seemed to have seen. Like most, it fasinated me with all the "disappearances" even with all the advance technology we seem to have today. The old world polar opposites info may have a lot of merit if studied and if people could get the public to listen and believe. I have a deep background in religious ideas but I think that God could have caused all things to happen this way as a means of things happening the way he wanted them to and the way we have been taught from the Bible. No one ever said a day in Bible times was 24 hr old so why couldn't a day then be 5 millions years??? This change of pole positions could have been in a master plan somewhere in the past and the results are the effects it is now having on these 2 areas of our Earth.
Learn true origins of the Bermuda and Dragon Triangles and others. Put Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu back in history books!

As the Bermuda Triangle is paired with the Dragon Triangle opposite across the globe, there are other pairs of triangles worldwide. Not all of them have such effects as the Bermuda and Dragon triangles. Not all are in oceans.

These triangles were caused by successive pole-shifting events over many eons. The sites are where the North and South Poles used to be, prior to each shift event. Each pair left behind traces of their magnetic properties where the Poles used to be. The older the shift event, the less magnetic field the old sites have. This helps date the time of the shift event at individual sites.

By regressing star charts to match the times of known pole-shifts, we may learn what causes these events, and what was happening both on and off-planet that may have instigated the shifts.

We are about to have another shift of our poles, evidenced by multiple fragments of the South Pole meandering about in the southern Atlantic Ocean for some time now. Scientists have theorized this may have some effect upon migratory animals and birds, and may have some effects upon agriculture and other life on the planet. To say the least, it certainly will!

It is entirely mind-boggling to understand what happens to a planet when a pole shift happens. It may happen suddenly, the way two opposing magnets behave when brought close together. If it does that, it could annihilate all surface life due to blindingly high winds and the earth’s crust rearranging itself in the space of mere minutes.
OR, our atmosphere could protect us, at least some, from these catastrophic adjustments. This is more reason to protect the environment! I tend to think this is possible, since there are still remains of these very ancient civilizations that did survive, including stories handed down, intimating people also survived.

There are tremendous amounts of data not allowed within scientific circles yet, since it does not fit into currently accepted constructs of what we recognize as history and science. Science does not know all the answers, and it will not be in our lifetimes, or the next several, that they will even come close to knowing things incontrovertibly.

If the above data relative to these triangles is fully understood, science will have to accept and correctly place large numbers of existing, anomalous artifacts stored in museums, collections and unexplored sites worldwide.
Then we will also find where ancient civilizations really went; those will finally have their proper place in history. We will also have better means of ensuring better survival of these cataclysmic events, since these shift events will repeat as surely as the Earth spins!

From WinterStar, 1964
Elapsed time, Biblical translations, cultural or language translations- these things can mess up what we get to read. thousands of years later.

There is a decimal point difference in counting between ancient Greek and ancient Middle Eastern. Some old languages has a zero, others did not.
Ancient languages are pretty limted in capacity to describe things; this has caused no end of trouble with translations from one culture to another and one time to another.

It is possible the Bible was literal when it said the Earth was created in 6 days.
IF there was a cataclysmic pole shift, it happens in minutes.
Maybe it takes a few days for the remnants of creatures to come out of the caves they survived in, or be disembarked from their aircraft.

They would be coming from what they perceived as Eden, onto a harsh landscape scoured by high winds, that looks very different from what they were used to.

OR, if all creatures were seeded onto the earth after each shift event, they would be moved rapidly, come from a really nice place to one that is really in dire need of rehab!

That could also make some sense of why God is plural in Genesis, and nowhere else in that book.

Are we in God's image? Our spirits are that.

History is littered with UFO's in all ages, for as long as illustrated history has been kept. Less prevalent are stories written on them, but they exist, framed in words and descriptions the people of the times understood--including the Bible and even more ancient Hindu writings and histories.

There are sun cycles, planet cycles, as well as bits of asteroids and comets flying about the universe that can hit us. The Milky Way is left of some past collision.
There have been unscrupulous or unthinking humans that have developed scientific equipment that can do some incredibly destructive things-Tesla was one of them.
Who is to say some or all of these things are not what happened to cause pole shifts, one or more times?

Using regressed star charts to learn what else may have been happening in the neighborhood could be an important step to learning what is happening next, based on previous events.
Pulling our scientific heads out of the sand to admit we do not know everything perfectly is another.

We do need to trust intuition; and believe logic.
The universe is nothing if not rationally logical, even in the midst of chaos. When enough artifacts and data are taken together to grok as a whole, things will make more sense.
After reading lots of articles on the subject, I believe they are wormholes on Earth. Alot of people think that the UFOs just fly under water and come back out. I believe that they are portals, if that makes sense. Not time portals, but travel portals that just happen to be on Earth. In both triangles the magnetic fields are different than any other place on Earth. Compasses fail, gravity differs. It's because the energy in these areas have a negative density. It's hard to understand, but if you read below, it actually makes sense. Humans do not have the technology yet, but it is very possible for advanced life forms to harness the power.

UFOs traveling at the speed of light, or faster, need these wormholes to travel. If we limit our physics to special relativity, accomplishing interstellar flight is virtually a technological impossibility. Distances between the stars are too large. Even if you could accelerate a ship with a high enough acceleration to make a round trip within a crews life time the huge accelerations would crush the crew against the hull of the ship. Even if this crushing problem were overcome, the speed c becomes a cosmic speed limit so the round trip winds up returning the crew generations after they left according to the time of the earth. Also, the fuel requirements to produce such accelerations are impossibly high.

All these problems can potentially be done away through a new field of research called metric engineering. The metric tensor is responsible for how all things in the universe tend to age and move. The form that it can take is also determined by what matter is in the space according to Einstein's field equations. It is possible to artificially engineer different metrics by choosing particular arrangements of matter. It is possible that to engineer a metric that will change the remote coordinate speed of light around starships thus removing the speed c limitation, or to engineer a metric that manipulates inertia itself making a state of acceleration the natural state of the ship instead of a state of constant velocity. This would eliminate fuel requirements altogether as well as eliminate the problems of the crew becoming crushed from the acceleration of the ship.

Here's a simple example of metric engineering. The vacuum of space is actually filled with fields and because of their existence also virtual particles. This means that the vacuum has a nonzero energy density even though vacuum is usually taken to be the zero point for energy density. If you polarize the vacuum so that some of the energy from one spot is moved to another spot. Now you have one spot that has a positive energy density relative to the zero point and another spot with a negative energy density relative to the zero point. This second spot is called a hole. Now the positive energy density will have the properties of a mass. It will attract all things toward itself, including the hole. On the other hand, the hole would have the properties of a negative mass. It would repel all things from it including the positive mass. As a result the positive mass accelerates in the direction away from the hole and the hole is drawn by the positive mass to chase it. The natural state of this system is a state of acceleration instead of a state of constant velocity. The cabin of a ship could be placed between the positive mass and the hole and it would be drawn to accelerate along with the system. The crew would be drawn to accelerate away at the same rate as the cabin and so they would not be crushed against the walls of the ship.
Jerry chonomann
the devils triangle and the burmuda triangle may be connected as a singularity such as a black hole connected by a worm hole leading out by a white hole. the dragon triangle is a phenomenon that happens as a result of unstable conditions such as "weird gravity" or odd location on the meridian. the dragon triangle location has become infamous for ship dissapearences and weird behavior that is seemingly and surprisingly fairly and very closly similar and closely related to this of the burmuda triangle
Here is the explanation in the simplest of terms, I believe that the answers to our question about this anomaly here of the connection between the Dragons Triangle and Bermuda Triangle is a black hole on one side and a white hole on the other in definition(as in space)the black hole takes everything in and the white hole dispurse's everything out, one being a negative force and the other being a positive force and it is a worm hole threw time and once something is gone threw and exits out the other end it is transported into another dimension threw time and space and out somewhere in the universe. Now the stories of UFO's have been here threw out time since the beginning of time and to this present day and do they utilize this chamber threw time so to speak as traveling threw space from one destination to the other in the blink of a eye. I believe we will have the technology in the near future and right now we used it for destruction, nuclear technology, take for instant the atomic bomb for instance if this technology and energy could be utilize in a positive way and somehow controlled and it could very well have us see the light at the end of the tunnel. Nuclear Technology is the answer and it can give us the lightspeed in traveling threw space and time. But the leaders of the world have and want the love of power and control and not the power of love in having peace and unity threw out this great planet of ours, frankly there is too much hate in the world. Now I for one know the answer is right here on this planet not off into the Moon or Mars or Space explorations, Yes there is that time table of when, where and how, the answers are there in the Stars, but we need to still explore our own planet Earth here and now or in time we may not have a second chance as this is our Lords plan that in life its about trails and tribulations and doing the right thing and it is right in front of our very noses, everyone of us,the answer. Its the Ying and Yang of Life and we have the Answers as I believe Einstein did know the answer to this anomaly it was just his time to pass on in death and begin a new life else where as this is the answer to the energy of electricity a positive and negative force within our own bodies as it is in the whole universe as it is in the Triangles, the Bermuda and the Dragon triangle(which is to be the deepest place in the Ocean as far as eleven miles deep-the devils lair) and could that Atlantis was this great civilization that did exist in this very same area as it is known in the Bermuda Triangle the depths(which is known to be 5 miles deep the oceans depths, off the south point of the triangle known as the Porte Rico trench)and in the shallow parts of the Bermuda bottoms there are huge massive stones the size of buildings that are or seem to be placed like a puzzle and could have been the this great city at one time. Yes the Poles axis does have something to do with the positive and negative energies and yes it could very well be highly possible that during one time this great huge Comet landed in the oceans and shifted everything to were now the north and south pole are to this day. If we explore the depths of our own planet and oceans we do have the answers right here on this very planet of ours Called Earth. Now God and the Devil both have positive and negative energies, one being good and one being evil, but that is a whole different story now isn't it. May we find the answers to this anomaly.
That's what I'm thinking too, that it has a magnetic field or electromagnetic field that throws off the radar and interferes with electronics, which explains why sometimes cameras and stuff don't work in the Bermuda triangle. It also makes more sense that way, because it has the same line of latitude (or longitude, one of the two) of the Dragon's Trianlge (Devil's Sea) in Japan. Some even speculate that there are such things as black holes on earth, and that there may be one beneath the Atlantic Ocean. This, however, is very farfetched. There would have to be a white hole as well, and there would have to be a black hole under the Dragon's triangle that shares similar coordinates with the Bermuda Triangle. I do think, though, that it is possible that maybe the earth got too close to a black hole and it messed with the magnetism and polls.

I really believe that there's just a weird magnetic field thing going on, and I would love to find out about the magnetism of areas near these "triangles." The only problem with that theory is that ships and planes have no problem with radar and electronics outside of the triangles, so if it was something to do with that line of longitude or latitude, it wouldn't make sense that it only affected two small areas along that line and not everywhere lying along it.
history channel said something about time loss in the dragons triangle. does any1 know what is time loss
(say radio and watch is 10:00. u r on a boat, and a USO[unidentefied submerged object] suddenly came up cuasing a large shock wave on the water, nearly capsising ur boat.it starts to circle ur boat and keeps doing that for 50 minutes. then it stops and dives back down and makes another shock wave in the water that amost capsising u agian. when u look at the watch, it reads 10:50, but the radio reads 10:00. both devices r working perfectly. u have lost time or have expierenced time loss. can any1 explain time loss?)
I think your website and the information id fantastic. I have been interested in the Bermuda and the Dragon's triangle. I watched a document on TV and was t titled black hole on earth? I am curios about the disappearing ships, planes and even the rescue plane that went after flight 19.
Consider that maybe both these places are not centers of "paranormal activity", but of media over-hype and misinformation. If you look at almost all of the events of the Bermuda Triangle, they have been reported falsely and have been twisted with omission of details. Sometimes a ship would disappear, and the author would use that as proof. However, sometimes those ships are found again, but the author's do not record it. And also these two areas are prone to tropical storms, ocean swells, and volcanic activity. Look more into the other side of the incidents- at the Bermuda Triangle especially.
How many ships, planes have vanished in the DT? Have any of last decade? Have any magnetic anomalies been detected, found? We need to look at possible magnetic vortex being there.
I am world researcher and am always reseaching about all angles we have in the world. We have 1: bermuda triangle 2: dragon triangle 3: faye's triangle 4: gardi triangle 5: gorillas triangle e.t.c
check out the "hollow earth theory". requires an open mind; but does explain nearly all of the anomolies, gravitational etc. hitler was particularly interested in the theory. it is believed that the reason that his technology was half a decade ahead was because of some amazing discoveries that were made on the three expeditions that he ordered to the poles. like i said, requires an open mind, but considering that we are talking about the mystery of the triangles, i assume it is pretty safe to say that you have one ')
I made up a theory while typing an English paper about time travel: What if dragons were aliens? It's entirely possible. If dragons had really tough scales that could withstand the cold of space then, theoretically,dragons wouldn't need a spaceship or anything like that. There was also one scientist who believed that people were actually mistaking dinosaur bones for dragon bones. He had a bunch of "dinosaur" bones that were found really close together and rearranged them to form a dragon skeleton. There is also another theory that I came up with. There are different types of dragons: space/alien dragons, magnetic dragons, Western dragons(the ones that are mainly used in fairy tale movies and such), plant dragons, sea dragons, sea monsters that can fly, walk, and swim, etc. The magnetic dragons could be the things that make the Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon Triangle magnetic. The fact that humans have discovered more of the Moon than of the ocean just adds to my theory. Humans don't really know whats under the ocean, they just know that there are strange animals which could include magnetic or sea dragons. Back to the scientist's theory, dinosaurs are actually dragons. Say you had a time machine, if you could go back in time to 60 million years ago, what would you find? According to this scientist, you would find dragons. I believe however that this theory is not entirely true. Dragons could be the ultimate predator of dinosaurs or even their best prey depending on the size and age of the dragon. Pterodactyls for example could have been our way of rationalizing dragons. We just couldn't accept that the fabled winged lizards were real, so we changed the name and called it a dinosaur. Now I know that this probably sounds like a fantasy dream from a small child, but I do believe that a few of these theories that I've found or made up could be true and I hope that at least one of you is willing to listen to my rambling about the possibility of dragons. Thank you for reading if you took the time to.

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