Sedona, Arizona, located about 120 miles north of Phoenix, is hailed as being one of the most mystical places; in recent years it has become a New Age center. Many metaphysicians have maintained that there is a spiritual city that exists in another dimension directly above Sedona. According to these seers, the ethereal city focuses energy down on the area.

Sedona has become a region of spiritual pilgrimage since 1983 when metaphysical leader Richard Sutphen began holding seminars near the vortexes, those mysterious areas of electromagnetic anomalous energy. Many New Age teachers believe that the Sedona area retains powerful energies from the ancient Native Americans or even from pre-Amerindian civilizations and that these forces exert an influence on contemporary psychic-sensitives.

The various vortexes that many sensitive individuals believe to exist in Sedona appear to be areas of some kind of unidentified electromagnetic phenomenon that certain people insist aids them in meditation, inspiration, and revelation. UFOs, ancient Atlantean super science, Indian spirits, and ethereal inhabitants of other dimensions have also been suggested as the origin of the vortexes.


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