Conspiracy theorists fear that within the first few years of the twenty-first century, all Americans will be forced to receive a programmable biochip implant somewhere in their body. The biochip will likely be implanted on the back of the right or the left hand to facilitate scanning. A number will be assigned to each individual for life.

Though the biochip's function will be described as primarily for purposes of identification, it will be linked to a massive supercomputer system, enabling government agencies to maintain surveillance of all citizens by ground sensors and satellites. Even worse, say the alarmists, once the system is in place, the biochips can transform everyone into a controlled slave, for these devices will make it possible for outside intelligences to influence a person's brain cells and to direct the individual's brain neurons. Through biochip brain implants, people can be forced to think and to act exactly as preprogrammed.

Furthermore, the conspiracy theorists allege, a U.S. Naval research laboratory, funded by intelligence agencies, has achieved the incredible breakthrough of uniting living brain cells with microchips. They contend that when such a chip is injected into a man's or a woman's brain, he or she instantly becomes a living vegetable and a subservient New World Order slave. And once this device is perfected, the biochip implant could easily be utilized as a "Frankenstein-type weapon," and the Defense Department can produce an army of killer zombies.

Various conspiracy journals recount the allegations of a couple in Palo Alto, California, who are convinced that their teenaged son's psychological problems are the result of a biochip that was implanted into his head by a CIA agent during a tonsillectomy. According to the young man and his parents, he is constantly receiving threats and negative thoughts through transmissions received by the biochip. They contend the device has shown up on X-rays, but that the evidence was destroyed by CIA agents.

Before his execution, former American soldier and convicted Oklahoma City Federal Building bomber Timothy McVeigh (1968–2002) frequently stated his contention that federal agents were able to track him during the 1990s because of an electronic monitoring device that had been placed in his leg. McVeigh and others believed that the U.S. Army secretly implanted such devices in the legs of American soldiers during the Gulf War.


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if that was thrue,what we going to do to fight them.that was nothing.because they have anything .

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